Opening of Bassie Trace, Trantrill Rd and S. M. Rd. Curepe

The Honourable Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan, newly appointed Minister of Works and Infrastructure performs his first ribbon cutting ceremony in his new portfolio at the Bassie Trace, Trantrill and S.M Roads Improvement Works Opening in Curepe. his is accompanied by the Hon. Stacy...
Posted On 24 Apr 2013
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Baptists celebrate walkover for St Barbara’s

It was a double celebration for the Baptist community yesterday at the 14th anniversary of Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebration at the Shouter Baptist Empowerment Hall, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Maloney.
Posted On 03 Apr 2013
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St Barbara’s Shouter Baptist Primary School, Maloney

After 14 years of waiting for school Spiritual Baptists shout for joy “Growing up I was ashamed to say I was a Spiritual Baptist. I used to hide my religion from my peers. People always scorned us. They would say we did devil ting. I think they just didn’t understand the shouting...
Posted On 30 Mar 2013
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Refurbished Salybia Fish Landing Facility

The upgrade of the Salybia Fish Landing Facility was completed in approximately 4 ½ months and the project cost is an estimated $3.2 M. Works completed included the following:
Posted On 28 Mar 2013
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St. Helena Delta Bridge connecting Kelly Village to Piarco

The St Helena community received a $82.9 million Bypass which was opened by Works and Infrastructure Minister, Jack Warner in December 2011. The new bypass will ease congestion in the busy village off Piarco, which connects the Borough of Arima and surrounding areas to Caroni.
Posted On 25 Mar 2013
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WASA South Trunk Main, Navet to San Fernando

“It is a pipeline that spans from Navet Waterworks in Tabaquite all the way to Marriott Reservoir in San Fernando. It is 29 kilometres of pipeline. The cost of this project was $117 million but it was budgeted at $303 million. A lot of engineering skills went into it and a...
Posted On 24 Mar 2013
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WASA Hollis Trunk Main Replacement Project

THE ENVIRONMENT and Water Resources Minister, Senator Ganga Singh, has hailed the start of the Hollis Trunk Main Replacement Project. The project, according to Singh, is yet another landmark achievement for the Water and Sewerage Authority, noting that “it was indicative of the...
Posted On 22 Mar 2013
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Antilles Trace Paved

Wednesday 20th March 2013 marked a significant day for the people of Antilles Trace in the constituency of Oropouche West when their Member of Parliament for Oropouche West and Minister of State in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, the Hon Stacy Roopnarine, together with...
Posted On 21 Mar 2013
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228 Golden Grove Farmers Get Land

Over 200 hundred farmers in Golden Grove are happy after receiving agricultural land of their own. In total, 228 Golden Grove farmers were given parcels of land during a Land Allocation Ceremony at the Andre Kamperveen Hall in the Centre of Excellence, Macoya.
Posted On 20 Mar 2013
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Electronic birth certificate in seven days

Parents whose children are born at the San Fernando General Hospital would no longer have to worry about receiving their birth certificates several months later or with misspelt names as the Ministry of Legal Affairs yesterday launched its electronic birth registration at the...
Posted On 20 Mar 2013
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