Oropouche West MP slams the PNM’s Misplaced Priorities

The Member of Parliament for Oropouche West, Mrs. Vidia Gayadeen- Gopeesingh, has strongly condemned the PNM led government’s inaction and misplaced priorities towards the protection of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

In a release issued on Tuesday the MP stated, “Yet again one of my very own constituents, this time from Woodland, has met their untimely death at the hands of criminals. This is a disturbing trend I refuse to see repeated and the Prime Minister needs to get his act together immediately.”

The MP accused the incompetent Rowley led administration of being obsessed with attempting to resurrect its image by focusing solely on the Galleon’s Passage at the expense of our citizens’ lives. “If you want to see the PNM’s priorities just look at the news; we see numerous ministers patting each other on the back for the delayed arrival of the disaster laden Galleon’s Passage or the misguided National Investment Fund. There is no focus on the safety and security of our citizens.”

Mrs. Gayadeen-Gopeesingh pointed to the government’s launch of the NCCP last Wednesday from which the Prime Minister was suspiciously absent and noted, “Perhaps even Dr. Rowley knows this delayed “plan” is an embarrassing waste of time and his absence may very well be his way of acknowledging that.” The MP added that this crime plan was 3 years and over thousand murders too late.

MP Gayadeen-Gopeesingh called on citizens to remove the wool from their eyes and see the PNM for what it is. She continued “They have exemplified their ineptitude in the parliament by their flip-flop positioning to appoint a new Commissioner of Police while we the tax paying citizens live in a constant state of fear. While we are robbed and murdered they proudly announce that no expense shall be spared to protect not citizens but the Galleon’s Passage from alleged ‘saboteurs’.”

In closing, the MP reminded Dr. Rowley that until a proper administration led by the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar returns to office; he should remember that the preservation of the life and limb of the citizens is his responsibility and he should reassess his government’s priorities.

Vidia Gayadeen- Gopeesingh
Dated: 24th July 2018