Oropouche West MP: The Government’s attempt to mislead the population

The Member of Parliament for Oropouche West, Mrs. Vidia Gayadeen- Gopeesingh, is condemning the failure of the Rowley led Government to provide relief to the farmers of the Los Iros Hillview Farmers Association who were affected by the earthquake of Tuesday 21st August 2018. In a...
Posted On 13 Feb 2019
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Highlights from the Political Leader’s Address MNF – Brazil

We started the year with a bang, holding our hugely successful National Assembly just over two weeks ago. At that Assembly, we saw the energy, the vibrancy of our great party which continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We saw many new faces, young people ready to get our country...
Posted On 12 Feb 2019
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Opposition Chief Whip – “Something is Rotten in Parliament”

Last week the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives were breached when confidential information about the proceedings of the Privileges Committee was published in a Parliamentary media release. Yet, no one is being held accountable and the Opposition’s call for a proper...
Posted On 10 Feb 2019
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Moonilal: High Court action necessary to preserve democracy

My decision earlier this week to commence proceedings before the High Court against the Attorney General and the Speaker of the House of Representatives was one that I took to preserve my right to represent my 29000 plus constituents. It was a decision that I took to uphold and...
Posted On 08 Feb 2019
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Fyzabad MP Seeks Donation to Patch Potholes

On Tuesday 5th February 2018, the MP for Fyzabad, Dr. Lackram P Bodoe, was able to secure donations through local contractors to repair the Oropouche main road after it was littered with massive potholes throughout the entire roadway. These potholes were causing unnecessary...
Posted On 08 Feb 2019
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Attorney Ramdeen writes CJ Archie: Was the judicial process compromised?

We live in a democracy that is premised upon the rule of law, respect for the law and independent and impartial judiciary where no one is above the law and all are subject to the law. The increased public awareness of certain alleged conduct on the part of Chief Justice Ivor...
Posted On 06 Feb 2019
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Charles: Cherry picking principles

Dr Rowley’s strategy of conveniently cherry picking the principle of non-intervention to justify our failed foreign policy on Venezuela is either hypocritical, or deliberately obfuscatory, or as with everything else with this administration – not well thought out. Or...
Posted On 05 Feb 2019
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Successful start to UNC nominations

Today the United National Congress opened nominations for all Local Government seats and for General Elections seats which we do not currently hold. The UNC is heartened by the enthusiastic response to our call to action and we thank the hundreds of people who came out on the...
Posted On 04 Feb 2019
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Paray calls on Minister Garcia to wake up

MP Paray stands in solidarity with the Parent and Teachers Association of the Rio Claro A.S.J.A Primary school. In September 2018, operations at the school ceased, due to a bat infestation and damage to the structural integrity of the building. Since then, the students of the...
Posted On 01 Feb 2019
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Charles: Moses has led us into the wilderness after UN visit

After Dr Rowley’s visit to the UN (accompanied by Dennis Moses) our foreign policy on Venezuela is in total shambles. Our arrangements to bring gas from Dragon Field have fallen apart in the wake of US sanctions. We are diplomatically isolated regionally. We are in an...
Posted On 31 Jan 2019
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Indarsingh: Why GEB officers stormed PSA meeting with CPO?

Member of Parliament for Couva South and Opposition’s Shadow Minister for Labour and Enterprise Development Rudranath Indarsingh is today angrily reacting with utter disbelief at the intervention by the Guard and Emergency Branch of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service at a...
Posted On 30 Jan 2019
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Charles: What is the status of the Dragon Gas project given yesterday’s sanctions?

Yesterday the US placed economic sanctions on state owned, Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. These sanctions include a freeze on PDVSA’s assets in the US and barring American firms from doing business with that company. T&T must therefore be wary of the implications on this PNM...
Posted On 29 Jan 2019
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