MP Bodoe Calls on Minister Sinanan to Address Flooding and Road Issues in Dow Village

After several complaints and numerous flooding incidents over the past 3 years, the Ministry of Works and Transport has yet to initiate any definitive action to alleviate the flooding that continues to affect the residents of Dow Village. Whatever measures that have been undertaken to date have failed to fix this long-standing problem. During the Ministers tour of the Fyzabad constituency on 9th September 2017 the specific problems in this area were brought to his attention. To date, no substantive measures have been taken either on the roads or drainage in the area. The effects of the increased levels of rainfall have been severely affecting the residents, particularly in Dow Village for the past few weeks. The residents’ homes, businesses, and vehicles have continuously been under water, as well as their livelihoods are constantly being disrupted by the failure of the Minister to implement proper corrective measures.

In addition, the roadway from Oropouche Roundabout to Dow Junction has been neglected and allowed to reach a deplorable state, so much so that it has become a one-lane roadway in some areas as it is littered with massive potholes. The poor roads coupled with the frequent flooding has been adding to the discomfort of the residents.

I call upon the Minister to take urgent action to alleviate these problems so as to bring some measure of relief to the suffering residents.