Moonilal calls on the Ag CoP to explain how his Intelligence Unit failed to stop two execution style murders

roodal2Oropouche East Member of Parliament Dr Roodal Moonilal is today calling upon the Ag Commissioner of Police to explain how his Intelligence Unit failed to stop two execution style murders that took place literally hours apart on Monday night.

Moonilal was alluding to the murder of Central businessman Sheron Sukdeo who was shot and killed on Monday night at the Caroni Savannah Road residence of his mother-in-law.

Within hours of his murder, it was reported that Lyndon Brown, 28, was gunned down on the streets of Never Dirty, Morvant.

There is widespread speculation that Brown might have been the person who shot Sukdeo and that his murder was a retaliation from individuals close to Sukdeo.

Up to now, investigators say they have no motive for the shootings.

Moonilal said that Prime Minister Keith Rowley, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, supported by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service were adamant that the UNC’s lack of support for the original Anti-Gang Legislation contributed to the increase in murders in the country. The Rowley-led PNM Administration claimed the legislation was the solution to stop the spiraling out-of-control crime.

Al-Rawi claimed in Parliament that intelligence services knew that there were 2,459 suspected gang-members who were responsible for the mayhem and crime epidemic in the country but their hands were tied without having the Anti-Gang Legislation in place.

What is happening now?

Apparently, the TTPS Intelligence Unit failed to pick up on the plan execution of Sukdeo and then the retaliation against the individual who shot him.

Moonilal said that the Rowley-led PNM Administration continues to be soft on crime but at the same time continues to blame the Opposition without any clear explanation of how the Opposition is responsible for what is happening.

The Opposition has supported the bill that was brought back to Parliament on the initiative of the Leader of the Opposition so the PNM cannot keep pointing fingers in the direction of the Opposition.

The same intelligence personnel who gathered information on gangs could have easily known what was happening in the ground. And if the authorities had acted as they should perhaps two fewer people would be dead today.