Indarsingh calls on Baptiste-Primus to intervene in NEDCO’s VSEP impasse

Member of Parliament for Couva South and the Opposition Labour and Enterprise Development Critic RudranathIndarsingh is calling on the Minister of Labour and Enterprise Development Jennifer Baptiste-Primus to immediately intervene in the impasse between the National...
Posted On 28 Jun 2018
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Couva North MP: Tobago Economy Neglected

At the government meeting held in Mt. Lambert last Friday, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley expressed that special attention was being paid to the Tobago economy, particularly development of its Tourism Sector. He said focus was being placed on construction of the Sandals Hotel...
Posted On 26 Jun 2018
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Moonilal: PM Rowley guilty of introducing red herring of race and alleged PSC dishonesty into the debate of COP

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is guilty of introducing the red herring of race and alleged Police Service Commission (PSC) dishonesty into the debate over a new Commissioner of Police. Dr. Rowley has done so while being reduced to a letter writer in an attempt to explain away...
Posted On 14 Jun 2018
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Charles: Dr. Rowley where is the OAS report promised in Parliament. Who are you protecting? Dennis Moses?

In Parliament on May 10th Dr Rowley announced that Ambassador Christopher Thomas’ OAS report giving reasons why Trinidad and Tobago objected to a plea from Dominica for a two-year waiver of its fee at the OAS was completed. Rowley stated further that “persons who hold office in...
Posted On 14 Jun 2018
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Ganga Singh: Rowley must apologise to Muslim community

Chaguanas West MP, Ganga Singh, is demanding that the Prime Minister apologise to the Muslim community over his condemnation of the Masjid-ul-Muttaqeen Mosque in Cunupia. According to the MP: “Dr Rowley seems to be impervious to the sensitivities of the issues confronting the...
Posted On 10 Jun 2018
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Charles: Unable to fight local elections on its track record the PNM is resorting to manufactured distractions

“With the citizenry becoming more aware of, and outspoken about, the complete inability of this PNM Government to effectively manage T&T, government is now attempting to distract and direct the conversation away from their ineptitude and towards bacchanal, racial divisions...
Posted On 08 Jun 2018
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MP Paray: NP Closure of Mayaro Gas Station Unacceptable

While I am happy NP woke up from their deep slumber by addressing my concern, the people of the Mayaro Constituency got absolutely no reassurances as to when some level of normalcy will return. NP failed to even provide a best guess as to when the Gas Station will reopen....
Posted On 05 Jun 2018
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Charles: Why have most CARICOM countries, unlike T&T, been removed from the EU blacklist?

Finance Minister Colm Imbert needs to level with the country and tell us why T&T has been unable to qualify for removal from the EU list of tax havens, while in very recent times St Lucia, Grenada and Barbados have been removed. Are we witness here to the usual sloth...
Posted On 19 May 2018
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MP Ramdial renews call for 24-hour joint Police/Army patrols in Central

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is renewing her call for 24-hour joint Police/Army patrols in Central Trinidad due to escalating gang warfare. The MP notes with concern that there has been an increase in shootings and murders in Central Trinidad after the murder of popular...
Posted On 18 May 2018
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Chinese visa waiver: Another example of Rowley’s penchant for grand gestures without any foresight

PM Rowley’s recent announcement that T&T may attempt to tap into the tourism market in China by allowing Chinese nationals with a Canadian or US visa to also be eligible to travel to Trinidad and Tobago is being described as impulsive, thoughtless and mad by Naparima MP...
Posted On 17 May 2018
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