Charles: Why have most CARICOM countries, unlike T&T, been removed from the EU blacklist?

Finance Minister Colm Imbert needs to level with the country and tell us why T&T has been unable to qualify for removal from the EU list of tax havens, while in very recent times St Lucia, Grenada and Barbados have been removed. Are we witness here to the usual sloth...
Posted On 19 May 2018
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MP Ramdial renews call for 24-hour joint Police/Army patrols in Central

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is renewing her call for 24-hour joint Police/Army patrols in Central Trinidad due to escalating gang warfare. The MP notes with concern that there has been an increase in shootings and murders in Central Trinidad after the murder of popular...
Posted On 18 May 2018
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Chinese visa waiver: Another example of Rowley’s penchant for grand gestures without any foresight

PM Rowley’s recent announcement that T&T may attempt to tap into the tourism market in China by allowing Chinese nationals with a Canadian or US visa to also be eligible to travel to Trinidad and Tobago is being described as impulsive, thoughtless and mad by Naparima MP...
Posted On 17 May 2018
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Charles: Why the delay Dr Rowley? Release the OAS report immediately

MP for Naparima, Rodney Charles, is questioning PM Rowley’s delay in making public, the report by former Ambassador Christopher Thomas on the recent OAS mishap. In response to a recent question in Parliament, concerning a timeline for the report to be made public, the PM sai...
Posted On 16 May 2018
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Once again Rowley, Moses and Dillon have failed TT citizens abroad

Naparima MP Rodney Charles is criticising PM Rowley, his clueless Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses and the perpetual investigator, Edmund Dillon for their total abandonment of the T&T family detained in Iraq. “For the past seven months, the UNC has been calling on this...
Posted On 08 May 2018
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Indarsingh condemns the CPO’s offer of 0%, 0%, 0% to the PSA

Member of Parliament for Couva South Rudranath Indarsingh is condemning the CPO’s offer of 0%, 0%, 0% to the Public Services Association (PSA) which he says seems to be the order of the day anytime the PNM is in power. He is also critical of the silence of the Leadership of the...
Posted On 26 Apr 2018
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Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath slammed Education Minister Anthony Garcia once again for refusing to build the Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1 Primary School. Padarath said that Garcia is practicing politics of spite and discrimination against the children and people of Princes...
Posted On 18 Apr 2018
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Dr Rowley as usual a no show at yesterday’s CARICOM Prime Ministers’ meeting with Theresa May

Acknowledging Jamaica’s de facto leadership role in CARICOM, British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday held one on one discussions with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness hours before meeting the remaining CARICOM Prime Ministers to discuss a range of issues...
Posted On 18 Apr 2018
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Charles: Dr Rowley’s CHOGM itinerary pales by comparison with his Jamaican counterpart

Dr Rowley is now in London to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting which lasts from 16th to 18th April. Once again Foreign and CARICOM Affairs Minister Dennis Moses has let down his close friend Dr Rowley and by extension all of T&T and this is evident by...
Posted On 17 Apr 2018
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UNC: Is PNM seeking to create a space for political mischief with Anti-Gang amendments?

The United National Congress wishes to express its grave concern over what can only be described as a devious move by the Government to sneak in a provision to either sabotage the legislation or to create a space for political mischief. In the best interest of the people of...
Posted On 11 Apr 2018
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