UNC engages in Nationwide Budget Consultations



Friday Sept. 14th7:00 p.mWilliamsville Community CentreKent Street, WilliamsvilleCllr Vashti Sookhoo
Friday Sept. 14th7:00 p.mEast Grove Valsayn Carpark (between Blgd. A&F)Cllr Seema Ramsaran-Augustine
Saturday Sept. 15th6:30 p.m.Three Roads Community CentreThree Roads, FreeportCllr Anil Baliram
Saturday Sept. 15th6:30 p.m.Chaguanas South Secondary SchoolHelen Street, Lange Park, ChaguanasCllr Andell Paramsook
Monday Sept. 17th6:00 p.m.Oropouche East Conference HallDebe Junction, DebeCllr Marsha Jaimungal Khan
Monday Sept. 17th6:00 p.m.Lachoos Road Community Centre#102 Lachoos Road, PenalCllr Shanty Boodram
Monday Sept. 17th6:00 p.m.St. Augustine South Community CentreFreeman Road, St. AugustineMP Prakash Ramadhar
Monday Sept. 17thEcclesville Presbyterian SchoolEcclesville, Rio ClaroCllr Shaffik Mohammed
Monday Sept. 17th6:30 p.m.Barrackpore Sub Office#131 Rochard Douglas Road, BarrackporeMP Rodney Charles
Tuesday Sept. 18th6:00 p.m.Orange Field Hindu SchoolAppoo Avenue, Orange Field Road, CarapichaimaCllr Vishan Mohammed
Tuesday Sept. 18th6:30 p.m.MP’s OfficeUnity Court, FyzabadMP Lackram Bodoe
Tuesday Sept. 18th7:00 p.m.Cunjal Community CentreCunjal Road, BarrackporeCllr Rafi Mohammed
Tuesday Sept. 18th7:00 p.m.St. Julien Early Childhood CentreSt. Julien Road, Princes TownCllr Latchmi Narine Ramdhan
Tuesday Sept. 18th7:00 p.m.Brazil Secondary SchoolArena Road, BrazilCllr Ryan Rampersad
Tuesday Sept. 18th7:00 p.m.Woodland Community CentreLa Fortune Road, WoodlandCllr Sheldon Lal
Tuesday Sept. 18thHansraj Sumairsingh ComplexDades Ext. Trace, Tabaquite Road, Rio ClaroCllr Hazarie Ramdeen
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:00 p.m.Ramdass Residence#44 Manohar Trace, Rochard Road, BarrackporeCllr Kheymwetti Chulan
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:00 p.m.Oropouche East Conference HallDebe Junction, DebeMP Roodal Moonilal
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:30 p.m.#80 Guaracara Tabaquite Road, Reform Village, ReformMP Rodney Charles
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:30 p.m.Tabaquite Community CentreTabaquite Road, TabaquiteCllr Henry Awong
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:30 p.m.East Indian Friendly Society HallRagoobar Lands, GasparilloCllr Safraz Ali
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:30 p.m.Agostini KPA SchoolLime Head Road, Chase VillageCllr Dubraj Persad
Wednesday Sept. 19th6:30 p.m.Councillor’s OfficeCaparoCllr John Lezama
Wednesday Sept. 19th7:00 p.mPeterloo Street, Friendship Village, Cipero RoadCllr Shawn Premchand
Wednesday Sept. 19th7:00 p.mLengua Islamia TIA SchoolRealize Junction Road, Princes TownAlderman Azim Bassarath
Wednesday Sept. 19thBiche Community CentreBaptiste Street, Settlement Village, BicheCllr Glen Ram
Wednesday Sept. 19thSangre Grande Gov’t Primary SchoolCor. EMR & Oropouche RoadCllr Anil Juteram
Thursday Sept. 20th6:00 p.m.Rock Road Community Centre4MM Rock Road, PenalCllr Diptee Ramnath
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Tunapuna Gov’t Primary SchoolPasea Road, TunapunaCllr Jlynn Roopnarine
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Councillor’s Office#25 Soledad Road West, Claxton BayCllr Nadia Khan Mohammed
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Gosyne’s ResidenceCrystal Drive, Las LomasCllr Balmati Gosyne
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Balmain Community CentreBalmain Village, CouvaCllr Arelene Solomon Ramesar
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Caldrac HallDow Village, CaliforniaCllr Ramchand Rajbal Maraj
Thursday Sept. 20th6:30 p.m.Macaulay Community CentreHermitage Road, Claxton BayMP David Lee
Thursday Sept. 20th7:00 p.mReform Community CentreMain Road, ReformCllr Chris Hosein
Thursday Sept. 20th7:00 p.mGrovesnor Presbyterian SchoolCunapo SMRCllr Kennick Suepaul
Thursday Sept. 20th7:00 p.m.Tableland High SchoolNaparima Mayaro Main Road, TablelandCllr Michelle Benjamin
Thursday Sept. 20thFonrose Club HouseCllr Bhusham Rampersad
Friday Sept. 21st6:00 p.mKanhai Road Presbyterian SchoolKanhai Road, BarrackporeCllr Joseph Lorant
Friday Sept. 21st6:30 p.m.Warrenville Regional ComplexLP#27 Warren Munroe Road, Warrenville, CunupiaMP Ganga Singh
Friday Sept. 21st7:00 p.m#10 Farmer Trace, Sancho RoadCllr Gowrie Roopnarine
Saturday Sept. 22nd6:00 p.mPlum Road Presbyterian SchoolPlum Road, ManzanillaCllr Kenwyn Phillip
Tuesday Sept. 25th6:00 p.m.MP’s OfficeLP#863 Eastern Main Road, Guaico, Sangre GrandeMP Christine Newallo-Hosein
Tuesday Sept. 25th6:30 p.m.Tabaquite Community CentreTabaquite Road, TabaquiteMP Surujrattan Rambachan
Tuesday Sept. 25th6:30 p.m.Avocat Vedic SchoolSiparia Old Road, Avocat Village, FyzabadCllr Doodnath Mayrhoo
Wednesday Sept. 26th6:30 p.m.UWI PANEL DISCUSSIONTO BE CONFIRMEDSen Khadijah Ameen

Listing of Polling Station Venues for UNC Internal Elections Nov 26th, 2017


Hereunder is a listing of the Polling Station Venues for the Internal Elections of the United National Congress

ArimaArima Hindu School
#2 Temple Street, Arima
Arouca / MaloneyMaloney Regional Complex
Maloney Gardens, Maloney Blvd., D’Abadie
Barataria / San JuanDon Miguel Hindu School
Don Miguel Road, San Juan
Caroni CentralUpper Carapichaima Presbyterian School
#345 Freeport Mission Road, Freeport
Caroni EastSt. Helena Hindu  School
St. Helena Village, Piarco
Chaguanas EastChaguanas North Secondary School
Helen Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas
Chaguanas WestCharlieville Presbyterian School
Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville
Couva NorthWaterloo Secondary School
Raymond Jurawan Drive, Waterloo Road, Carapichaima
Couva SouthExchange Presbyterian School
Bryce Street, Couva
Cumuto / ManzanillaGrovesnor Presbyterian School
Cunapo Southern Main Road, Coalmine, Sangre Grande
D’Abadie / O’MearaMalabar Community Centre
Phase IV, Malabar Settlement, Malabar
Diego Martin CentralDiego Martin North Secondary School
St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin
Diego Martin North EastDiego Martin North Secondary School
St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin
Diego Martin WestDiego Martin North Secondary School
St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin
FyzabadSiparia Road KPA School
Siparia Road, Thick Village, Fyzabad
La BreaRousillac Hindu School
#19 Grants Road, Rousillac
La Horquetta / TalparoLas Lomas Government Primary School
Las Lomas #2, Via Cunupia
Laventille East / Morvant; Laventille West; POS North / St. Anns West; POS SouthWoodbrook Government Secondary School
#41-45 French Street, Woodbrook
Lopinot / Bon Air WestFive Rivers Secondary School
Range Road, Arouca
MayaroRio Claro Hindu School
Grant Street, Rio Claro
Moruga / TablelandRochard Douglas Presbyterian School
Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore
NaparimaLengua Presbyterian School
#1277 Papourie Road, Lengua Village, Barrackpore
Oropouche EastParvati Girls College
S.S. Erin Road, Debe
Oropouche WestSan Francique Hindu School
2MM San Francique Road, Penal
Point FortinCedros Community Centre
Bonasse Village, Cedros
Pointe-a-PierreUnion Presbyterian School
Hermitage Road, Union Village, Claxton Bay
Princes TownSt. Julien Presbyterian School
Sancho Road, New Grant, Princes Town
San Fernando EastSte. Madeleine Secondary School
Corinth Road, San Fernando
San Fernando WestGrant Memorial Presbyterian School
#1A Carib Street, San Fernando
SipariaShiva Boys College
Clarke Road, Penal
St. Anns EastSanta Cruz Presbyterian School
Lower Santa Cruz
St. AugustineTunapuna Hindu School
Cor. Pasea Ext. & Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Tunapuna
St. JosephAranguez North Secondary School
Boundary Road Ext., San Juan
TabaquiteGasparillo Secondary School
Rahaman Drive & Bonne Aventure Road, Happy Hill, Gasparillo
Tobago East / Tobago WestSignal Hill Government Primary School
Signal Hill Road, Tobago
Toco / Sangre GrandeGuaico Presbyterian School
Eastern Main Road, Guaico
TunapunaEl Dorado North Hindu School
Mc Seveney Street, El Dorado Village, El Dorado
Please be reminded that:
1. Election of Officers to the National Executive of the United National Congress will be held on Sunday November 26th, 2017 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
2. To be eligible to vote in these Elections, an individual’s name MUST appear on the Final List of Electors and that person MUST provide photo identification, specifically a Trinidad & Tobago Identification Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport

UNC Constituency Executive Elections Candidates

New UNC Logo2

See below for the list of Candidates for the upcoming UNC Constituency Executive Elections to be held on Sunday April 2nd, 2017.

ChairmanAslam Ghanny
ChairmanRavi Harrypersad
Deputy ChairmanSafraz Ali
Deputy ChairmanGanesh Singh
SecretaryDarren Atwaroo
SecretaryChandra Sooknanan Mohammed
Asst. SecretarySindira Mohammed-Khan
Asst. SecretaryAzeema Balchan
Election OfficerZaheed Mohammed
Election OfficerSita Neckles
Public Relations OfficerSusan Judy Charles
Public Relations OfficerZobida Ali
ChairmanSherry Ann Lakhan
ChairmanWesley Pancham
ChairmanDavica Thomas
Deputy ChairmanSeulal Rampersad
Deputy ChairmanFeroze Mohammed
Deputy ChairmanRajaram Raghoo
SecretaryDrupatie Latchman
SecretaryKavita Sookdeo
SecretaryRoger Ramdeen
Asst. SecretaryNadira Dalgir
Asst. SecretaryGayah Roop
TreasurerDonnie Rampersad
TreasurerSundar Jookoo
TreasurerMichael Seebaran
Party OrganizerDeodat Balkaransingh
Party OrganizerAmeer Bacchus
Party OrganizerDilraj Laloo
Welfare OfficerGayadath Ragoonanan
Welfare OfficerOusman Ali
Welfare OfficerDeokie Suresh
Education & Research OfficerPreeta Rampersad
Education & Research OfficerDevi Ramkissoon
Education & Research OfficerRicky Rampersad
Women’s Affairs OfficerNickita Mohammed
Women’s Affairs OfficerAnn Marie Seecharan
Women’s Affairs OfficerCindy Madho Khan
Youth Affairs OfficerAndrew Mungal
Youth Affairs OfficerKashie Khan
Election OfficerJessie Judhan
Election OfficerDarrin Beharry
Election OfficerDimitri Thomas
Public Relations OfficerMarisa Vidya Ramlogan
Public Relations OfficerRamnarace Dowtal
Public Relations OfficerCarlvon Ramsingh
Women’s Affairs OfficerSandra Ramsingh-Abdool
Women’s Affairs OfficerIndra Kunu Jagessar
Education & Research OfficerSiewdath Bahal
Education & Research OfficerJesse Gayapersad
ChairmanYvette Richards
ChairmanGlen Ram
Deputy ChairmanRamraj Bocas
Deputy ChairmanCalvin Seecharan
SecretarySharmila Ramoutar
SecretaryRajiv Singh
Asst. SecretaryDharamdaye Amzar
Asst. SecretaryRavindra Ragoobar
TreasurerRisheeram Rampersad
TreasurerMutlyn Williams
Party OrganizerZephyrine Bissessarsingh
Party OrganizerKeon Saroopsingh
Welfare OfficerZalina Besai
Welfare OfficerNirmal Singh
Education & Research OfficerJosephine Ramdeen Sookdeo
Education & Research OfficerVidesh Ramsingh
Women’s Affairs OfficerAnn Marie Bonterre
Women’s Affairs OfficerSharon Beekhee
Youth Affairs OfficerFareel Mohammed
Youth Affairs OfficerZahir Khan
Election OfficerRawle Bhawanie
Election OfficerKenwyn Phillip
Public Relations OfficerPeter Roberts
Public Relations OfficerAnand Ramsingh
ChairmanDavid Law
ChairmanHazarie Ramdeen
Deputy ChairmanWhalid Ali
Deputy ChairmanMarlon Felmine
SecretaryMarcia Harribans
SecretaryLeelawatee Balkaran
Asst. SecretaryStephanie Fairley
Asst. SecretaryAlthea De Freitas
TreasurerDinesh Moonan
TreasurerTassin Boxer
Party OrganizerHeeralal Sinanan
Party OrganizerMahase Ramsingh
Welfare OfficerVeronica Bejai
Welfare OfficerRia Figaro
Education & Research OfficerDeoraj Loutan
Education & Research OfficerHematee Gildharie
Women’s Affairs OfficerCarmen Panchoo
Women’s Affairs OfficerIndrawatee Beharry
Youth Affairs OfficerHematee Gildharie
Youth Affairs OfficerYudika B. Ramkissoon
Election OfficerKoonjoo Boochoon
Election OfficerVedaish Maharaj
Public Relations OfficerKhemrajie Ramnath
Public Relations OfficerRamkissoon Nagassar
ChairmanNazrodeen Mohammed
ChairmanLarry Haynes Seekumar
Deputy ChairmanRakesh Sookoo
Deputy ChairmanSteve Shawn Premchand
SecretarySiew Nandlal
SecretaryNoor Mohammed
Asst. SecretarySherriff Ali
Asst. SecretaryMagnish Ramoutar
TreasurerImran Wayne Mohammed
TreasurerLynette Dass
Party OrganizerRafi Mohammed
Party OrganizerRajkumar R. Boodram
Welfare OfficerVashti Sookhoo
Welfare OfficerAnil Emrith
Education & Research OfficerShazrudeen Mohammed
Education & Research OfficerZainool Hosein
Women’s Affairs OfficerGail Nandlal
Women’s Affairs OfficerIndra Ramlal Jankiesingh
Youth Affairs OfficerInool Wahid Nabbie
Youth Affairs OfficerNalini Nanan
Election OfficerDeoraj Ramlochan
Election OfficerKrishna Balgobin
Public Relations OfficerShazan Mohammed
Public Relations OfficerEveita Pouching
Public Relations OfficerVijay Gopie
Public Relations OfficerAnil Samaroo
ChairmanJoan Kumar
ChairmanKen Lakhan
Deputy ChairmanTerrence Heeralal
Deputy ChairmanRadica Balkaran
SecretaryShernell Simon
SecretaryJason Williams
Asst. SecretaryJustine Stacy-Ann Popan
Asst. SecretarySteve Rambharose
TreasurerDawn Chotilal
TreasurerShane Samlal
Party OrganizerSabita Ramnarine
Party OrganizerMurad Ali
Welfare OfficerShawn Bhall
Welfare OfficerLaldeo Maharaj
Education & Research OfficerVictoria Sooklal
Education & Research OfficerJaved Mohammed
Women’s Affairs OfficerYuklin Paul
Women’s Affairs OfficerMichelle Roberts
Youth Affairs OfficerSunil Rampersad
Youth Affairs OfficerClint Beroog
Election OfficerKumarie Bhall
Election OfficerLeela Manick
Public Relations OfficerTara Ramdeo
Public Relations OfficerSatesh A. Lakhan

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